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Welcome to - the premier mashup site for the home security industry. If you want to keep your family or business safe and secure, then you have come to the right place. We gather, review, and sort the best home security information available on the internet 24 hours a day – so you don’t have to.

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By automatically scouring the web for the latest news, product updates, and combining things like FBI Crime Data and Integrated Dynamic Maps, we provide you with the information you need fast so you can take care of business without delay. We search the web minute by minute updating our site – so if it’s about home security, you can be sure that we’ll be the first to know. Whether you are looking for a home security camera, a new alarm system, just about anything home security related - or even a safe neighborhood in which to live - you will find it all here.

Home Security 8 Presents FBI Crime Data Map of Seattle Neighborhoods.

Seattle Washington, a city of 583,772, had 1744 violent crimes in 2007 according to the Department of Justice's Semiannual Preliminary Uniform Crime Report. The murder rate was slightly higher than the national average. (continued here...)   
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Argus Security Taking the Confusion Out of Home Security

“Home security does not have to be complicated,” states Jim Porst of the Eagle, Wisconsin based, Argus Security.  “Many people believe that security systems are too state of the art for them to understand.  That is a huge misconception among the general public.” continued... 

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